Saturday, 13 March 2010

War of Words: Wafa Sultan, Joanne Hill, and Tarek Fatah

A Toronto area synagogue recently held a debate regarding Islam between Dr. Wafa Sultan and Dr. Daniel Pipes. Freelance report Joanne Hill covered the event in the Jewish Tribune, and Tarek Fatah wrote a piece slamming Wafa Sultan following the event. Ms. Hill has responded to Tarek's writing with a piece in the National Post's Full Comment. SMW brings you this gem:

Mr. Fatah writes that he was "traumatized" by Dr. Sultan's words. If this is truly the case, I would suggest that Mr. Fatah's sensitive feelings render him too delicate for this Western society in which he has chosen to live, because we in the free world are not required to continually couch our statements in qualifiers or cushion our strong words.

I recommend that you check the whole thing out by clicking here, and also read Fatah's response in the comments below.