Thursday, 4 March 2010

Third Generation Nanny State

The breakdown of society starts with the family. Read this and weep.

Single motherhood has stretched through the generations to produce extended families without men. Grandmothers, mothers and daughters now live without husbands or fathers and rely on the state for support, a study found yesterday. Three-generation single mother families where no one works and which contain no men are now common, according to the analysis by researcher

Yes, and why would you work when you can live off the tax dollars of people who do?

Kayleigh Watson spent several months trying to have a baby and at the age of 17 gave birth to Sarah. A second baby, Emma, arrived two years later. Now 21 and living on benefits in a council house, Kayleigh, from Newcastle, said: 'People always seem to imagine that teenage pregnancies must be disastrous accidents.
'It might shock some people, but by the time I was 16, I wanted a baby of my own so much that I was prepared to be a single mum

Despite the new evidence that the majority of single mothers have chosen that status rather than being plunged into it by divorce, separation or widowhood, Labour's Deputy Leader Harriet Harman said yesterday that it would be cruel to bring in tax breaks for married couples.
She told the Commons that Tory plans for marriage tax breaks 'will not encourage one single couple to get married or to make them happy in their marriage'.
She added: 'But it does send - and I think this is why it's cruel - because it sends a very clear message to children in families where the parents are divorced. It says to them: "There's something wrong with your family therefore there must be something wrong with you".

Actually I Harriet Harman's problem is with married couples and the traditional structured family - because these people are not dependent on handouts from the Labour government and thus do not need to vote Labour to maintain their lifestyle.
There's something wrong with your party Harriet, therefore there must be something wrong with you. Is that too cruel for you?