Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Ontario MPs send letter of support to anti-war activist with strong ties to Code Pink

I don't care that this woman was allowed entry to Canada, but I do care that she allegedly received letters of support from MPs Joe Comartin (NDP Windsor-Tecumseh, surprise!) and Brian Masse (NDP Windsor-West, again, surprise).

Wright has been arrested several times in the U.S. during protests against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. During one protest, she was arrested in front of the White House for refusing to move when police instructed her to leave. On another occasion, Wright was arrested after standing up during a congressional hearing to shout, "Stop the war." She said her participation in the protests has always been "peaceful and non-violent."

You can see some of her, er, 'work' on YouTube. This is what your MPs are supporting (Winsdor readers I am talking to you!).