Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Nir Barkat in London

Yesterday (Monday) the Honourable (or Honorable, depending where you are from) Nir Barkat, Mayor of Jerusalem gave a speech in London at Chatham House. The PSC (Palestinian Solidarity) organized a protest outside the event, pictures below. Given the number of people they have to draw on, a turnout of approximately 140 people is pretty dismal. However, what the group lacked in number they made up for in spirit. The usual suspects were represented (PSC, MCB, Communist, JBIG, JFJFP, etc.) - even recognized some of the same people that spend their Saturdays protesting outside Ahava.

There was a gentleman standing near me taking some photos of the protestors - and he was approached by a tv reporter who asked him if he was an Israeli agent, after apparently being told by the crowd of protestors that an Israeli agent was watching them from across the street. Bizarre to say the least.

More important than the pictures below is what Nir Barkat actually said inside during his presentation. I have posted a link to his speech (which is absolutely worth reading), and some high points below.

Thinks Nir Barkat is a thief.

Crowd shot.

Hey, while we're carelessly throwing about claims of ethnic cleansing why don't we discuss how many Jews are living in Gaza...

Racist criminals?

It's just weird.

Strange bedfellows.

Useful idiots.

Neturei Karta. These guys are buddy-buddy with George Galloway and go on marches with Viva Palestina.

Upon arrival they tend to become the main attraction. Media darlings.

Nir Barkat - my favourite parts:
First of all, Israeli law applies. Which law do you propose if not Israeli law at
this point? Jordanian, British? There's no such thing as United Nations law.

On the subject of equivalency of evictions. There was no Palestinian state
before Israel.
It was Jordanian, it was British, it was not a state before. Back
to the security wall question that you asked me. The wall around the city of
Jerusalem is built to save lives.

The relationship with the US and European Union... we're a democracy in the
Middle East. What we are having today, the world will have in 10-20 years
and terror is a good example of that.
Israel suffered terror for decades and we
dealt with it. Terror is a global problem today.

The full text from Nir Barkat's address is 20 pages (double spaced), and is well worth reading. It is very insightful.