Friday, 26 March 2010

Man of the Week: Cpl. Darren Fitzpatrick and Rick Hillier

Yes, I know there are two, so this week it should be 'Men' of the Week. This is a new feature we are going to be running at SMW every Friday. Earlier this week while reading Closet Conservative's post which asked 'is there not a single male in Ottawa that has not been castrated,' I was reminded that men of integrity, and men who are leaders are disappearing from society's mainstream. They are still out there to be sure; brave men of honour who are not afraid to stand for what is right, but they are not getting the recognition they deserve. And so I was inspired to start SMW's newest feature: Man of the Week. This week there are two, but they are linked...

First up......Retired General Rick Hillier
After a group of d*ckheads at the University of Regina decided to protest Project Hero (a Canadian project that gives scholarships to the children of deceased soldiers), Hillier spoke out to defend the program (one that he helped start) and the men and women who serve in Canada's military:
We've got a very special group of young men and women in the Canadian forces, who serve their country and along with that service comes an unlimited liability -- up to and including the possibility of losing their lives in the service of their country," he said in a telephone interview with
"Is there no way that we can repay them for that service? No way that we can repay their loved ones when they make the ultimate sacrifice? I think Project Hero is just exactly that -- a way to show them that we care, in a very substantial way."

Second - Cpl Darren Fitzpatrick, a 21 year old Canadian soldier who made that ultimate sacrifice. Cpl Fitzpatrick died this week after being injured by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan.
Some soldiers will remember Fitzpatrick as a bit of a jokester who loved a good laugh. Others will remember his love of the outdoors and how natural it was for him to work as part of a team.
Cpl. Bryan Sorensen recalled the fellow soldier who instantly befriended him at basic training.
"Right away, he became one of my friends," Sorensen said. "We always stuck together through the hard times and whenever we had our weekend passes we always stuck right beside each other, going out on the town.
"He's a friend I'll never get back and I don't think anyone's going to replace him for me."
The Fitzpatrick family issued a brief statement saying they remain "immensely proud" of Darren.

Cpl Fitzpatrick's funeral will be held tomorrow in Alberta. He will never have a chance to read these words, but I hope his parents know that across Canada and across the globe there are Canadians like myself who are incredibly grateful that Darren Fitzpatrick was a brave and honorable man who chose to serve and protect his country by joining the Canadian Armed Forces.
May he rest in peace.