Tuesday, 23 March 2010

'Like a lunatic'

No doubt.

A G20 protester allegedly assaulted by a police officer in London was described as acting "erratically" and like a "lunatic" by two eyewitnesses.
Two office workers looked on as animal rights activist Nicola Fisher joined dozens of demonstrators outside the Bank of England on April 2 last year.
The office workers told City of Westminster Magistrates' Court how they watched a confrontation between her and Metropolitan Police Sergeant Delroy Smellie.
Mark Ellul, who works in an office in Cornhill, said his eyes were drawn to Ms Fisher as she was "hyperactive" and behaving "erratically" in the moments before the clash. His colleague Tracey McDonnell said Ms Fisher was "playing up to the cameras", acting aggressively towards police and throwing orange juice at Smellie.