Wednesday, 3 March 2010

LibDems and their selective vilification of Israel

He loves me.....he loves me not....

Not so far from SMW's unspecified location there is a political riding of Hampstead Kilburn, which is home to a considerable number of Jewish constituents. It is not a shocker then that political candidates have put out leaflets catering to these community, however what is shocking is that the LibDems have taken part in this. Apparently the LibDems have been sending out leaflets, complete with Hebrew lettering, that imply friendly and fuzzy feelings for the Jewish community. Do not be fooled by this ploy. Chris Philp, the Conservative Parliamentary candidate for Hampstead & Kilburn has written an excellent piece about the LibDems and their history of anti-Israel activity which is posted over at Oyvagoy which SMW highly recommends reading. Philp points out the calls by LibDem party members to 'stop arming Israel' and reminds us that MP Rochdale stood in Trafalgar Square at an anti-Israel rally calling for an end to Israeli 'massacres.' Jenny Tonge is also a LibDem , who recently accused IDF soldiers of harvesting organs in Haiti - and SMW has seen her take part in vicious anti-Israel stunts first hand.

Strangely missing from the LibDems flyers aimed at the Jewish community are pictures of dead children in Gaza and calls for Israel to be disarmed - all of which appeared in flyers distributed to a largely Muslim community during OCL. In a bizarre effort to backtrack, LibDem candidate for Hampstead Kilburn, Ed Fordham declared "You cannot take a fixed position on the conflict because it does not help anyone." Read: Our position is that we have no position when everyone is listening because we might lose votes.

Hampstead and Highgate MP Glenda Jackson (Labour Party) seized the opportunity to criticize the LibDems - then went on to say Israel should tear down their security fence, stop building in the West Bank and rebuild Gaza.

Slandering Israel and wearing a heart on your sleeve for Jews has become a popular tactic for London politicians who need the vote of a certain demographic group. When SMW lived in Hackney she received newsletters from local Labour MP Diane Abbott. One particular newsletter proudly displayed pictures of her attending an anti-Israel rally during OCL.
On the next page there was a blurb against anti-terrorism laws which according to her newsletter resulted in mothers who can barely speak English visiting her offices, crying because their 'children' had been arrested and they did not understand what was going on.
Video of Diane Abbott speaking at anti-Israel rally:

How very interesting then that today when I visited her offical website the top news item was her campaign to bring persecuted Yemeni Jews to the UK.
[A sidenote for my North American readers: Hackney and Stoke Newington is another riding which has a significant Jewish population. There is a significant Orthodox and Charedi community in this riding. I lived in this riding during OCL and found anti semitic graffiti, calling for Jihad against Jews, spraypainted on the sidewalk near my grocery store. There is also a large and conservative Muslim community in the riding, and a strong African/Caribbean community.]

Voters who believe in Israel's right to defend itself, take note.
Voters who believe in Israel's right to defend itself should also take note of Chris Phelp.