Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Illegal Immigrant kills ex-lover: Strange happenings in the UK

Many weird and disturbing parts to this one:

An 'infatuated' illegal immigrant who stabbed his ex-girlfriend to death two months after she told police he was stalking her is facing a life sentence after being found guilty of murder.

He said she had spent £270,000 of his money on cars, luxury gifts and a house, sent him videos of her having sex with another man and claimed he was a 'pathetic man' with a small manhood.
Where does an illegal immigrant get this kind of money???

Singh lavished her with gifts, including two computers, jewellery and at least £1,000 in cash.
He claimed he also gave her £45,000 for a Porsche, £2,000 for a holiday to Greece, £5,000 for a boob job, and up to £5,000 spending money a month.
Singh also said he spent £6,000 on designer jewellery and put down huge cash payments for a house.

Miss Dorman, who suffered from bipolar disorder, had a balance of up to £50,000 in her account before her death, as well as a bank account in Spain.
She was not working or earning money at the time of her death. Towards the end of 2007 she was forced to leave her council flat in Wandsworth and had applied to be re-housed.

She had 50,000 in he rbank account but was living in council flats??? Great system.

Before being interviewed he said: 'I did kill her, I killed Gemma but I am not guilty. You don't know what she did to me.'
He claimed he amassed his fortune, which he kept in a suitcase in his bedroom, from working a number of jobs and earning up to £1,100 a week in cash.

Yeah, 'odd jobs.'

So.....will he be deported?