Monday, 8 March 2010

Human Rights Worker Runs Massive Benefit Scam in London

Lavinia Olmazu, 30, and her boyfriend Alin Enachi, 29, are said to have masterminded a scam by which 172 Romanians claimed £2.6million.
Olmazu, who was arrested last week, was working as an 'inclusivity outreach worker' to Roma gipsies for both Haringey and Waltham Forest councils in North.

Under rules introduced when Romania joined the EU in 2006, Romanian migrants cannot get a National Insurance number - which is the key to getting benefits - unless they can prove they have paid employment lined up.
Olmazu and her boyfriend are accused of giving unemployed Romanians false documentation which purported to offer them work. They are also said to have provided false invoices and references purportedly showing they were working.
Scores then used fraudulently obtained NI numbers to claim child benefit, working tax credit and child tax credit, the court heard
Inclusivity outreach worker??? Even her job title sounds completely bogus, but this is real, I checked. And what a great way to meet people that she could bring into her scheme.
Although apparently she is also a project coordinator at the "Media Diversity Institute." Olmazu did her MSc in "European Social Policy" at London School of Economics, and apparently decided to run her own European Social Experiment.

Olamzu was also a featured speaker at a seminar entitled "Defending Migrants' Rights in East London" this past June. The description for the night reads:
Hackney Refugee & Migrant Support Group (HRMSG) is hosting a public meeting to share information and build solidarity in support of migrants in East London. This will be of interest to everyone concerned about the impact of tough immigration policies and the rise of the Far Right on the area's diverse communities.

Tough immigration policies??? One would imagine that helping people scam the system and steal ing thousands of pounds in benefits is a good way to alleviate concerns over immigration policies.