Monday, 29 March 2010

Everyone wants a handout...

Best comment of the day (so far):
Quoted from the story:"It was a lot of time management in packing that lunch, making sure you don't buy food on campus," she said. End quote. Yep. That's tough. Wait until you get into the real world. When I first started out in business, $225 (converted to today's dollars) was more than what I had to spend on groceries/month. Student loans are to cover the necessities, not "variety". Either find a means of paying for that "variety" without going looking for handouts or live with it. Necessity breeds innovation, and that is what I expect of our best and brightest.

SMW was a student once and she worked like a dog to pay for her degree(s)....with cash and scholarship money. I can't believe these crybabies are complaining that they have to *gasp* make their own lunches. When I was in university I considered it a luxury to buy myself a piece of lemon meringue pie from the on campus café, and guess what? Those days were good for me. I learned how to manage money and eat healthy. In fact in my first year of working after university my food budget was less than $7.50/day and I ate just fine (and no, that was not 20 years ago). Everyone wants a handout.