Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Arab Leader in UK calls Israel fictitious country built on hate

Well I think this video speaks for itself so I will just give a little background. Sabah Al-Mukhtar is an Iraqi/British lawyer who is President of the Arab Lawyers Assocaition in the United Kingdom (not to be confused with the British Arab Lawyers Association), making him their official voice. He is based in London. He refused outright refused to condemn the horrific killing of four Americans in Fallujah, calling it a resistance movement. He was a main signatory on a letter calling for British science museums to cancel 'Israel Day of Science' events. Al-Mukhtar has close ties to George Galloway and Viva Palestina. Earlier this year he attended a conference in Beiruit called "Arab International Forum for the Support of the Resistance," which was attended by Hamas and Hezbollah leaders among other notables. He is Chairman of the International and European Committee of the Muslim Council of Britain. He is Vice-Chairman of the Anglo-Arab Organisation (who incidently recently had a dinner in support of LibDem Nick Clegg).
Have posted transcript of his comments below.

“Israel is not a democracy. Israel is a country which is based on distinguishing its own citizens, whether they are Israelis, whether they are Arabs, whether they are Jews. So it is not really the democracy you are talking about. Secondly this act of the Israeli government has been, is very consistent with the government of a nation that was created with a decision by the United Nations. This is probably the only country that was created fictitiously by the UN, by a decision of politicians. And the third thing is that it is very consistent with a nation that is built on hate. When you have a nation that is gloating about killing innocent people, and he must be innocent unless he is tried, that shows the indication not only of the policy, but it’s also of the people and the politicians of that country. This is very consistent with Israel. This is Israel proper – it’s real face.”
Well quite frankly there are mounting evidence, there are mountains, monuments of evidence but the countries need to act. If we look at Britain and other European countries and Austalia and other countries whose passports have been used, had these passports been used by anybody, any country other than Israel these countries would have been up in arms. Ar the present moment all that we have is that they are condemning, they are angry, they are annoyed, they did not even have the audacity to name Israel in the declarations that they made. This indicates that there is no seriousness in treating with this matter. The second thing I think quite frankly is that for the passports to be from these countries, and many of them are genuine passports, would indicate a possibility that the intelligence services of some of these countries, especially of the country where I live which is in Britain, may have been implicated. That is why these governments are trying to find out what’s happening. Not because they condemn what is happening but because of their passports being used without out their knowledge, but with the cooperation of their intelligence services.

Well there should be limits. Limits are the intelligence services should be for the protection of the nation, whatever nation, every nation has the right to be protected from its enemy and intelligence service have this role. But this act must be under the law and must be within the confines of the law. Anytime that any intelligence service, and it does not matter which intelligence service, if it steps outside the boundaries of the law than this is simply a criminal act, and unless the world wakes up to this act I think this is how we are spreading terrorism, because countries are using double standards. They do not accept that the idea that when they break the law, that when their agencies break the law, as the US does for example with its soldiers doing, going all over the world, as the Israelis are doing with their intelligence service. It continues to be, this is the action of the intelligence services. They must be held accountable and they must behave within the boundaries of the law. Unfortunately many of these agencies are not doing so, with the knowledge of their governments, and this is where we are having the trouble with the world.”