Thursday, 4 March 2010

9 Ways to Get Your Man Card Revoked in 2010

OK these are pretty fun.

H/T Jawa Report (they are all have mancards - except for Jane, who is a smart and classy lady)

# 2 Using fake tanner or getting a spray tan
We all want to look our best when we go to work or out for drinks or on a date. And I can understand possibly using fake tan in certain situations. But only in extreme cases like if you fell asleep at the pool and only half your face got tan and now you look like a second rate Batman villain or your buddy drew a handlebar mustache on your sleeping face with sunscreen and now you look like some sort of effeminate Civil War General. At the end of the night you want lipstick on that white collar–not an orange smear that makes you look like a four-year-old who can’t keep his Spaghettios under control at dinner time.