Thursday, 11 February 2010

Valentine's Day Cards Banned at London School

And not for the reasons you might think!!

This is kind of interesting. In a country where they want to start teaching sex ed to 7 year olds, a school has banned Valentine's Day cards.
A school has banned its pupils from sending cards on Valentine's Day, saying the youngsters are not mature enough for romance, a newspaper reported on Thursday.
Not mature enough for romance, but mature enough for sex-ed?

Ashcombe Primary School -- which teaches students aged four to 11 -- has threatened to confiscate any cards found on the premises in Somerset, said the Times.
"Some children and parents encourage a lot of talk about boyfriends and girlfriends," wrote head teacher Peter Turner in a monthly newsletter.
"We believe that such ideas should wait until children are mature enough emotionally and socially to understand the commitment involved in having or being a boyfriend and girlfriend," he said in the letter to parents.

Well I cannot say I disagree with Mr. Turner on that point, however this seems a bit over the top. On second thought when I read this comment from one of the parents:
How are they going to learn about relationships otherwise?
Mr. Turner might be right.
Why are parents of children aged 4-11 making Valentine's Day about relationships? Not so long ago preparing for Valentine's Day meant sitting at home with mom and dad making a Valentine for each and every one of your classmates. Banning Valentine's Day cards is not a good idea - but SMW thinks there is a lot more to this story than what is being reported.