Monday, 22 February 2010

Team Canada Wins...for real...

Thousands of miles away from an arena in Vancouver where Team Canada got trounced by their American counterparts another Team Canada was making SMW proud. In fact, this team Canada should be getting the fanfare instead of a group of twenty and thirty something overpaid athletes with personal trainers, coaches, managers and agents to cater to their every whim - not to mention the hordes of puck bunnies currently infesting the Vancouver area. Don't get me wrong - I love hockey and am cheering on Canada's team but hockey players are not heroes, they are athletes. Team Canada's roster is filled with men who can be admired for their discipline, athleticism, determination, focus, and drive; there is nothing wrong with people looking up to them.

In the Kandahar Airfield there is another Team Canada - a group of main who are underpaid, with no personal trainers, no agents. Their wives, girlfirends and parents cannot be flown in for front row tickets and then dinner after the big game. These men do not have an All Star dressing room with deluxe showers, they do not have corporate sponsorships, they are not surrounded by an adoring press corps after a job well done, they do not fly first class or in private jets, their lodging is not a five star hotel, and when they 'lace up' for work every day they are putting their life on the line. The men and women of the Canadian Forces put their best forward every day, working under conditions most of us could not imagine, and they do it with a strength and dignity that should make us all proud.
The Canadian Forces are Canada's true team of heroes. Go Team Canada!!!