Thursday, 4 February 2010

Pour me another: Special Beer Glass for Brits

National Post:
Here's a country so prone to starting up drunken brawls that they need a special national beer glass to protect them. It's almost quaint.
read the details: These people are so out of control, there are 1,000 cases a week of booze-driven injuries.
Figures released for launch showed 1,000 young people, aged between 15 and 25, receive serious facial injuries in alcohol-related attacks each week while 18,000 suffer permanent scars every year.
Separate figures show some 5,500 people are "glassed" every year while more than 80,000 others are threatened with glass or a broken bottle.
Treating such injuries costs the [National Health Service] NHS £2.7 billion a year.
£2.7 billion translates in $4.6 billion. A year. For stitching up idiots who get pissed and attack one another.
A few years back Britain extended its pub hours, on the theory that longer hours would reduce binge drinking by people desperate to get in as many pints as they could manage before closing.

A visit to any British pub, at almost any time of day, will show you how well this plan worked.
Culture of incompetence.