Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Muslim Bus Driver Stops Bus 24 to Pray - Passengers Fear Attack

So we are now in a country where Christian flight attendants can't wear a cross necklace around their neck, but Muslim bus drivers can pull over without warning midroute to pray. Doesn't that make you feel warm and fuzzy?

Debbie Schlussel picked up this story:
Passenger Gayle Griffiths complained to Transport for London about the bizarre incident on the No.24 bus in Gospel Oak, north London, this week.
Mother-of-one Miss Griffiths, 33, of Camden, north-west London, had boarded the bus a few minutes earlier on her way home from work.
She says that she even feared at the time that the driver might be a fanatic planning to blow up the bus. . . .
‘We had just picked up and let off people at a bus stop and moved off again when the driver stopped the bus very suddenly.
‘He got out of his cab, leaving the engine running, and walked towards the middle exit door.
‘He laid out a fluorescent jacket on the floor and I thought that somebody must have been sick and he was covering it up. . . .
‘Then he took off his shoes and began praying. I was gobsmacked and quite bewildered.’ . . .

One thing that jumped out at SMW in this story is that many passengers thought this driver was about to blow up the bus, but nobody did anything. Anyone who has been on these buses knows that there are Emergency Exits on both floors - why did noone use them to get off the bus??? Why did nobody interrupt the bus driver and ask what the hell he was doing??? Political correctness. People were either in shock, or were so afraid of pinning this guy as a terrorist (which I think would be pretty fair considering his actions) that they all allowed themselves to stay in what they believed was imminent danger rather than taking action and/or jumping ship. In situations like this political correctness will get you killed. What would have happened on the Christmas Day flight from Amsterdam to Detroit if everyone had just sat there? Or if 2 weeks after 7/7 passengers on the tube had not moved to stop more terrorists from trying to blow themselves up?

Last year during OCL I was in a Starbucks (across the street from the Israeli Embassy) and there was activity in the store which made me think a suicide bomber may have gone into the bathroom (won't get into all the details but it seemed like a real threat). I immediately left the store (but I also took the weenie road and did not say anything to other customers in the store). There was no bomber. However later that same day the store was attacked by pro Hamas protestors and completely destroyed (windows smashed, inside vandalized etc). They may not have bombed it but my suspicions were right in that the store was a target.
Unfortunately London will be a target for further terror attacks - people need to be aware of this real threat and have a plan of action. You cannot stay in your seat on a bus and just hope your instincts are wrong.