Thursday, 25 February 2010

Kill Whitey!

We have an agent reporting a hate crime at the corner of Moonbat and Mania....

Week 1 - March 8 - Starting to explore the foundations of whiteness and white domination
Week 2 - March 15 - Thoughts on whiteness, racism, sexism & class in our history and our present
Week 3 - March 22 - Whiteness, racism and homophobia
Week 4 - March 29 - Settlers, migrants and Indigenous People

Brought to you by an Equity Officer at CUPE local 3903 who is also a doctoral candidate at OISE/University of Toronto.

Hmmmm 15spots x$52 / 10 hours = $78/hour. Geez maybe I should get into this business.

Exit question: Will there be a special talk about the Joooos or is that topic reserved exclusively for special CUPE sponsored events?