Saturday, 13 February 2010

Jewish/European Hangout Targeted in India Bombing

Jawa Report:
Probably Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT), the group that brought you the Mumbai massacre, had a hand in it. You'll remember that many of the communications between Chicago's David Headley and his LeT handlers were for him to quit focusing on attacking Denmark and spend his time scoping out targets in India instead. In addition to helping do recon work for the Mumbai attacks, Headley spent time in many additional communities in India -- sometimes posing as a Jew himself in order to case Jewish targets.
Headley's passport showed that he
visited Pune, the city where today's attack took place. This is a strong indication that LeT was behind the attack. While I'll admit it's speculation, the links between the LeT and Headley's visit to Pune at their behest are too glaringly obvious to overlook. Just like his "business trips" to Mumbai, odds are that Headley was in Pune with a view in mind of finding suitable targets for a terror attack by the LeT.
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