Friday, 5 February 2010

The Glories of Government Run Health Care

Hundreds of patients who suffer serious injuries are dying as a result of poor care, according the National Audit Office. It found that the death rate in England for major trauma patients is 20 percent higher than in the United States.

BBC Radio 4 has a 7 minute audio clip on this story that is absolutely worth listening to. If you have never had to use the NHS you need to listent to this clip. During the clip they discuss how one London hospital made changes to make sure that properly trained people were actually treating trauma patients, this was in contrast to the previous system where obviously unqualified people were treating patients. Are you kidding me?? According to the clip if hospitals across Britain adopted this same strategy (you know, that novel idea of actually having qualified people treat patients) 600 lives a year could be saved.

Recently SMW was out for dinner with a group of Americans of varying political views and affiliations. Health care was discussed and even the most liberal, left leaning people at the table said they were shocked to here Americans touting the NHS as a great model for universal health care because from experience they know what a disaster the system is (but for some reason they still could not put two and two together). This is not a system you trust your health to. Period.