Friday, 5 February 2010

Freedom of Expression at The Guardian? Er...not exactly....

Professor Geoffrey Alderman (whose writing SMW greatly enjoys) has been advised that if he does not stop writing for CiF Watch he will no longer be able to write for CiF. [For my North American readers - Comment is Free is a comment blog at The Guardian newspaper which is often filled with Israel bashers as I have written about before. Comment is Free Watch is what it sounds like - a blog that monitors the comments and writings going on over at Comment is Free.]

So the threat to outlaw Professor Geoffrey Alderman for continuing to write for CifWatch was a massive ‘own goal’ for CiF. As Alderman relates, shortly after penning this he received an email from the Commissars threatening to cast him to the wind:
If I dared to continue writing for CiF Watch, I would no longer be able to contribute to CiF. It was, I was summarily warned, “an either/or choice”.