Monday, 1 February 2010

David Cameron: Burglars Leave Rights at the Door

Oh my, this is getting interesting!!!

Asked about plans by Chris Grayling, the shadow home secretary, to toughen the law to limit prosecutions to cases involving grossly disproportionate violence, Mr Cameron told the BBC’s Politics Show that he wanted fewer cases brought to court.
The moment a burglar steps over your threshold and invades your property with all the threat that gives to you, your family and your livelihood, I think they leave their human rights outside,” he said.

Of course, the Labour government would prefer for you to sit in your house calmly while burglars steal your belongings and assault your family, because in 'civilized' countries people don't fight back. After all, the criminal in your house is probably some poor, misunderstood, uneducated immigrant whose benefits cheque (coming from your tax money) is a few days late. If they have a right to your hard earned money, surely they have a right to steal your belongings in peace.

New figures obtained by The Daily Telegraph show that four out of five serial burglars have escaped serving mandatory three year prison terms since supposed tough new laws were brought in a decade ago.
Almost a fifth of offenders avoided jail altogether despite the so-called "three-strikes-and-out" rule introduced in 1999 to crackdown on repeat intruders.
Under the law, any adult burglar convicted of their third domestic break-in should serve at least three years in prison unless the court considered there to be "exceptional circumstances".
But only a minority have been given the minimum term while hundreds more walked away from court with a community penalty or fine.