Friday, 19 February 2010

The Brits and Mossad....*UPDATED - again*

*Updated - see below*

This is just a quick little post where SMW says she is sick and tired of the British media and everyone's 'outrage' over the alleged use of British passports by Mossad. Yeah, it's concerning if you are a private citizen and your identity is used in a hit, but the outrage going around here is ridiculous. This has been and is the top news story in Britian since news broke that British passports were used. I'm talking front page, almost all newspapers and online. The true colours of politicians and the Foreign Office here are seeping out through this - as one Foreign Office source complained to The Telegraph that 'Israel has a history of making trouble for its friends.'

Amidst all this 'outrage' over the use of fake British passports in the assassination of a TERRORIST who killed and kidnapped IDF soldiers, who was in Dubai allegedly to purchase illegal arms and who was a top Hamas official (Hamas is an Iranian proxy - connect the dots you idiots, but I guess the problem is there are so many Hamas apologists in Britian) the story of a Saudi Prince being charged with the brutal murder of his servant in a London hotel seems to have faded into oblivion. Too bad, so sad but the Prince wasn't using a fake passport and he only killed his servant.

Putting the focus in Israel and Mossad's alleged involvement in the assassination in Dubai is a great way for the government to deflect attention from Britain's mounting problems - including today's news that Britain's debt may surpass that of Greece and that Labour is rethinking calling elections in the spring.

What SMW finds most amusing about this entire affair is the British government's claims that the British passport is some kind of sacred document that should be safeguarded. Perhaps the government should have considered this prior to giving residency, citizenship and British passports to a number of real terrorists who live in the UK on the taxpayers dime.

UPDATE: Melanie Phillips has some great commentary on this situation over at her blog.
Update numéro 2: Sultan Knish has an excellent commentary on this. Go read it!