Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Abu Ratib's Work for Hamas and His Windsor Ontario Connections

Yesterday Debbie Schlussel attended the hearing of Abu Ratib (also known by various aliases), and she has posted a great roundup of information about the man. Of particular interest for my Canadian readers - the documents that Schlussel posted detailing Ratib's connection to Windsor, Ontario (yes, the same Windsor where in November the police chief apologized to local Muslims after an arrest warrant was served at one of their homes).

According to the documents...
-Ratib moved to Windsor to evade prosecution where he was given a job teaching at an Islamic school (hmmmmm care to guess which one?? An-Noor school was advertising a free concert by Abu Ratib during Islamic History Month)
-his wife repeatedly lied to Canadian immigration officials when crossing into Canada to visit her husband - at one point telling them her husband does not allow her to discuss his whereabouts with others (on one occasion she was denied entry into Canada)

It's a very interesting case. You can read the full report on Debbie