Thursday, 7 January 2010

Why I read Five Feet of Fury (at least once a day):

For those of you who don't know, one of liberal Canada's absolute biggest talking points -- are you ready for this? -- is how if you travel to Europe with a Canadian flag sewed onto your backback, you get treated better than you would if you were a fat, stupid, ignorant, rude, loud, imperialist American (ew!)
Yeah, I know. We Canadians don't have much to brag about
-- thanks mostly to the policies enacted by those same Liberals.
I've been hearing this stupid story all my life. Here's the problem:
Not all of us are spoiled middle class kiddies who got to go to frickin' EUROPE over our summer vacations.
We didn't have summer vacations, actually. We were the ones popping your popcorn at the movies and waiting on you at the mall, working minimum wage jobs while you got to take three or four months off.
See: our parents didn't make enough money to pay us to ponce all over the place and pretend to look at a bunch of old statues and "learn about other cultures" when we were really just getting drunk and getting laid.
Click here to read the rest of Kathy's rant.

I also found this MapleLeaf backpack thing hilarious. When I tell people in the UK I am Canadian, more often than not, the response I get is: "Oh so you're from Canadia?"