Monday, 18 January 2010

Toronto Police Enforce Judenrein Zones

That's when I learned that my understanding of Canadian law was incorrect. Apparently, there is a law called "Breach of Peace" that can be invoked at the discretion of a police officer. This lesson has been a few months coming for me. I learned in July that threatening to become a suicide bomber so you can blow up a group of mostly Jewish Zionists does not constitute a "Breach of the Peace". And I learned last night that, as a Zionist, standing in the presence of an anti-Zionist does constitute a "Breach of the Peace".
Go to the link above and read Lumpy Grumpy and Frumpy's full account.

So let me get this straight, last spring hundreds of angry Tamil literally shut down parts of downtown Toronto (and a major highway) with the HELP of police and this was not disturbing the peace, but taking pictures of a public protest is??????????

If LGF (not to be confused with Little Green Footballs) complains about these asshats will they just tell she should be thankful she wasn't tasered? What a joke Toronto is becoming.