Monday, 11 January 2010

It's purely voluntary, for now...

New York City health officials want to reduce salt in manufactured and packaged foods.

But even though there will be no penalties for companies that ignore the guidelines, health officials say they think some manufacturers may be motivated to make changes.
“They all fully recognize that sodium is a major health problem that they need to address,” said the city’s health commissioner, Dr. Thomas Farley.Italic
Seventeen national health organizations and 25 other city or state health agencies have joined with New York City in the effort, called the National Salt Reduction Initiative. It aims to reduce the average American’s salt intake by 20 percent in five years.

-The Daily Caller

Yes many people eat too much salt, but we do not need the government to control what we eat. NannyFoods. I am trying to imagine a world where we are no longer allowed to grocery shop. Where citizens just visit the Government Food Office once a week to collect their food allowance as determined by government officials. Hey that kind of sounds like Cuba....