Monday, 25 January 2010

Inherently Evil

Back in September, I wrote about two brothers from the Edlington area who brutally beat, tortured, and sexually assaulted a 9 and 11 year old boy, leaving them for dead. A confidential inquiry into this case is currently taking place and public outrage is mounting. Many are pressuring the government to release the names of the two animals who perpetrated this sadistic attack, as well as the names of their parents and case workers. The boys have been told they will serve at least five years in dentention.
The Times:
After Friday’s sentencing, a brief summary of the review was published that omitted serious criticisms of Doncaster children’s services contained in the full report, which was leaked to the BBC.
It was said to reveal 31 occasions over a 14-year period when care professionals involved with the brothers’ violent and dysfunctional family failed to take action that might have prevented the attack.

This is yet another example of the unbelievable incompetence that is now rampant throughout British society.

The family who lived next door to the brothers in Doncaster until the boys were taken into care have told The Times of their disgust at “the total failure of the council and the police to answer our cries for help”. Qadir Abdullah, a Home Office interpreter, described how his wife and children had been sworn at, racially abused, injured by rocks and stones, had their car damaged and their windows broken. “We didn’t feel safe. We kept reporting them to the police and the council and they kept saying the boys were too young for them to do anything.”

A classic illustration of how depraved this society has become. I wish I could acurately articulate the total lack of personal responsibility and discipline that pervades almost every aspect of child care in this country, from Education to Social Work. Britain has turned itself inside out and backwards, it would take generations to get itself back on track. As one commenter in the Times said:
Having worked as a Community Service Supervisor, and told my sevices were no longer required after defending myself after being attacked by a 20 year old offender. ( I was 61 years old at the time ).You think this Country has problems now.Wait another few years when the children of this Waster, Scum, so called underclass reach maturity.Stop welfare payments,and sterilise these no hopers.

It might sound silly but it is true - if you try to discipline a child (or in this case a 20 year old), or defend yourself against an attack here you are the one with the problem, not the child. An entire system of teachers, social workers and educators filled with unionized workers who are often undereducated, underpaid and too lazy to care about doing the job right have led to a system where children run wild, free to commit any heinous act they choose.