Thursday, 21 January 2010

Ignatieff, Harper, and Rights and Democracy

Ezra Levant has written a seething report on NGO R&D. This is a very important read that not only provides valuable insight into the workings of R&D, but also clearly contrasts the values and judgement calls made by Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff and Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Take these three cheques totalling $30,000 that R&D hustled out the door without board approval.

None of them are for democracy building or freedom-fighting. True, some of the money went to Gaza, a theocratic, fascist failed statelet run by the Hamas terrorist organization. But the money didn’t go to help liberal Palestinians resist the terrorist gangs there, or to rebuild any semblance of civil society.

The money went to support anti-Israel propaganda campaigns.

Seriously. Read the cover letters that accompanied the money – your money.

It was to document Israeli “war crimes” during Israel’s war against Hamas.

So now you know why Michael Ignatieff has taken such a strong public stand in favour of R&D, and against Harper’s new appointments to the board of R&D, who are trying to reign in the rogue agency.

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H/T: Kathy Shaidle