Saturday, 2 January 2010

Happy New Year!

SquareMileWife would like to wish all her readers a happy and prosperous 2010! Thank you so much for taking the time to read SMW.

I have returned to London from the Canadian wilderness (with a few stops along the way, including Toronto and the U.S of A) and am back online. No doubt any of you not living under a rock heard about the 'undie bomber'. SMW will not be rehashing the whole affair - if you want to read about it check out Jawa Report. During the past few weeks I crossed into the US (by land) on more than one occasion and did not notice any increase in security (sadly). Maybe this is because I am white and blond? Oh but wait, the United States does not profile....

I flew on 2 international flights and again noticed ZERO increase in security (in fact, it seemed quite relaxed). Keep in mind these flights were not going in, out of, or over the US. SMW did get a good look at the new security measures for US bound flights and had a chat with one of the security officials who had been implementing them - very interesting stuff. Definitely better than before but I still have serious doubts that this is the most effective way to try and stop people from blowing up planes. All I know is that the security officials working these lines will have buns of steel after constantly bending up and down to frisk people during the 10-12 hours shifts they were called in to work over the holidays.

SquareMileWife will be back to business as usual on Monday. Taking the weekend to get up to speed so posting will be light-ish.

Check out BCF's report on the Nazi and Hamas loving Jew hate march that recently took place in Toronto. The group's organizing this march are funded with tax dollars. No joke. Read the report and write your letters to the MPs listed.

Wishing you and your family all the best in 2010,