Monday, 7 December 2009

A Strong, Nuclear Iran and weak, cowardly Europe

States ruled by Islamic ideologies view the atheist Europe as weak, depleted, and fatigued. They view it as lacking the motivation to protect the values of democracy it brought to the world. This weak image stirs the sense of Islamic authority in Iran and in Turkey that promotes their leaders to openly express their feelings: Christians, Jews and others may live, but under the wings of Islam, as their dhimmis (ahl al-dhimmah), as long as they adhere to their dictates.

Dr. Mordechi Kedar observes the pressure Iran is putting on the Swiss government to overturn the 'minaret ban' (not just Iran, Turkey has threatened to withdraw its funds from Swiss banks), and imagines what kind of concessions and accomodations an emboldened, nuclear Iran will ask of Europe:

Cutting ties with Israel
Cutting ties with the US, should it adopt a policy that contradicts Iranian interests
Cutting ties with Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Jordan
Withdrawn European forces from Iraq and Afghanistan
Recognizing Hamas instead of the PLO as the Palestinian people’s sole legitimate representative
Recognizing Hezbollah as Lebanon’s representatives
Granting a large number of work and immigration visas to Muslims
Expelling Iranian opposition figures back to Iran
Providing state funds for the building of mosques (with minarets, of course) and Islamic schools in any European city with a minimal number of Muslims
Permitting Muslim women to wear a hijab (head cover), niqab (face cover) and burqa (full-body cover)
A ban on alcohol sales in stores located at a 30-mile radius of the residence of the nearest Muslim
An obligation to teach Islam in all European schools via a curriculum to be formulated by the Iranian embassy in every European state
Shutting down TV channels, newspapers, and pornographic websites
Monitoring email
Banning the production of cell phones with cameras
Obligating all women to wear a full-body bathing suit, including a head scarf, at the beach

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