Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Shame on Bloomsbury Baptist Church: Holds Christmas Fundraiser for Hamas Supporters

From Oyvagoy:

David Gifford, Chief Executive, Council for Christians and Jews says this church is “politicising the Christmas message. A Christmas carol service should be about the message of Christmas and by politicising that, it misses the point.”- JC 26 November*******************************
Q: So who do you represent and why are you protesting about a carol concert in a church?
A: We are a group of concerned individuals of all faiths and none, who represent no organisation. We are protesting because this event is organised by the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign whose agenda goes far beyond working for the creation of a Palestinian state alongside the State of Israel. The PSC supports the terrorist organisation Hamas whose Charter seeks the genocide of Jews and the destruction of Israel. The PSC was responsible for the appallingly biased TUC Congress statement on Israel which demonised that country.

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The continuing decline and irrelevance of the Christian church in England. It is truly a shame.