Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Protest Recap....

Tonight Christians, Jews and others gathered to protest the Carol Sing (where the lyrics were changed to slander Israel) held at the Actors Church in Covent Garden, which was raising money for Hamas loving groups.

John Sullivan, dared to show his face at this event and continued to spew his Jew hating rhetoric.

Aside from one very misguided moment when protestors sang the First Noel with changed lyrics (you can't protest people desecrating Christmas for political reasons than do the same thing yourself), it was a solid and peaceful protest. Several people passing by stopped to chat with me about what we were doing and why - and they were shocked and disgusted to hear what was going on inside the church. It's always nice to have a little support.

What was not so nice were the few people who walked by and called us disgusting murderers.

Wish I could write more but someone threw up when I was riding the tube home and now I am feeling a bit ill myself....