Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Minister at PSC supporting church: Jesus would embrace Sharia or something....

So Simon Perry (known to some as a reverend) of Bloombsury Baptist Church, which last week hosted a carol service to raise money for the PSC has found himself in a bit of hot water this week. Jonathan Sacerdoti addressed Perry in a response posted over at Harry's Place after he defended his church's role in the event. It is here that one of the commenters directed me to Perry's own blog, where he wrote a truly telling (not to be confused with truth telling) post about Sharia in Britain.

Sharia law is often characterised as medieval and crude, particularly as it relates to marriage for instance. But anyone who has tasted the workings of the British Divorce industry can hardly see it is a sophisticated and fair system! (Listen to the Fathers for Justice organisation!) Social evils from gun crime to housing shortages find their roots in the family breakdown that the divorce industry in Britain promotes. And we fear Sharia law!
The Evangelical leaders and the imbecilic dictators of Right wing press stand together in playing out the role of the Pharisee. Condemning others for the sake of the precious values and customs that they themselves have come to treasure.

If those evil Evangelicals and right-wing loonies would only embrace Sharia, Britain would be so much better off. I wonder if Simon Perry would be there to throw the first stone?