Friday, 4 December 2009

London Rappers (aka thugs) Try to Kill Pregnant Teenage Girlfriend

This is a prime picture of the ghetto culture in London. SMW knows Lewisham (where the victim was from) and Islington (where they tried to kill her) all too well. This is a culture where women are seen as trash that can be easily disposed of, and where violence is the answer to almost every problem. There is no respect for authority, for others or for yourself. There are double standards and excuses, but never accountability. Until today, when two teen rappers who tried to kill a pregnant teenager because they though she would hurt their chance at fame were sentenced to a lengthy (but not lengthy enough) jail sentence.

Sadly this moment of accountability is an exception, and it comes far too late in the lives of these two cowards - the damage has already been done to the victim and her family.

The Times:
Brandon Jolie, 19, who made an album with the chart-topping grime star Tinchy Stryder, casually discussed having the youngster killed so that she would not be able to have his baby.
Jolie, whose music was used in a Nike advert and in the British film Adulthood, recruited fellow musician Kingsley Ogundele, 19, during a six-hour online chat after complaining that she was “trying to f*** up my life”.
They lured the girl to the Regents Canal in Islington, North London, where Ogundele battered her over the head with a metal pole, then punched and kicked her before pushing her into the water and holding her head down.

She only survived because a brave passer-by interrupted the attack as Ogundele tried to drown her.

Andrew Hall, the man who bravely intervened and stopped this brutal attack from turning into a murder is my hero of the week. Readers might think this is what any decent man would have done - but they are few and far between in a city where EVERYONE thinks twice about intervening in a dispute. Trust me.

The attackers were sentenced to 14 and 18 years in prison.