Friday, 4 December 2009

Homeowners' Association goes after 90 Year Old Decorated War Hero for....having a flagpole

The Homeowners' Association at Sussex Square community in Virginia are trying to force Col. Van T. Barfoot, a 90 year old Medal of Honor and Purple Heart recipient who served in three wars and is one of the country's last surviving World War Two veterans, to take down the flagpole he put up in his front yard where he proudly flies the American Flag.

FOX News:
"I've flown the flag at my home as long as I can remember," said Barfoot, who lived in rural Amelia County before moving to suburban Richmond. "This is the first time in the last 36 years that I've been unable to put my flag up on the same pole, the same staff and take it down when it's time to come down.
"I don't have any qualms with [the board's] authority, but the thing about it is that I cannot get enough conversation out of them where we can try to work out a solution," Barfoot said.

If the Sussex Square Homeowners' Association (contact details here) forces this man to take down his flagpole I can suggest a new, perhaps more appropriate, location for it.