Thursday, 3 December 2009

Disgusting *Updated*: Most English people would tell you to fuck off back to Israel...

*Updated, see below*
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As I wrote about earlier this week, the PSC had a fundraiser carol sing at Bloomsbury Baptist Church in London. A friend of mine spent some time chatting with people as they were entering the church. The video is below. Prepare to be revolted. I have transcribed parts of the video (below). THIS is one of the many faces of anti-Semitism in the UK. This voice cannot go unanswered. If you live in the UK please keep your calendar clear for the evening of 8 December. More details to follow.

Enjoy the comedy gold at the last few seconds of the video:

AntiSemite: “Everybody in Britain can see what a nasty type, unpleasant people, Jewish people are in England. So if you’re living in England (..muttering…), so if you’re living in England, you should take the part of English people. You’re parasites *inaudible* if you behave like this. English people, basically Christian, brought up in a Christian country or not, should be abiding by the type of life we live in England. *interjection by someone* No, I’m doing the talking. This is not a discussion. You cannot discuss with Jewish people, that is your philosophy.”
“It’s part of Britain, it’s a culture *inaudible* You’re people don’t understand it. You are not part of my culture. You’re Jewish and you’re paid to be Israeli Zionist. Do you know anything about the Christian religion or British/European tolerance in this country? *muttering* You don’t know the first commandment? I don’t know anything about Hebrew. It’s love your neighbour. Have you got anything similar to that in the Jewish religion? What? An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth. That’s what it is. And it’s perfect *inaudible* that you’ve got this here tonight.”
Videorgrapher: So what does that tell you about Jews then?
Antisemite: “Well it tells you that you are cruel, unpleasant people in this respect. Not in most respects, I’ve got friends that are Jewish – they are not Zionists.
Videographer: What about Hamas?
Antisemite: What about Hamas? There a mouthpiece. What have they done??? What have they done?
Videographer: Are they unpleasant people? They kill Christians, they kill Fatah supporters…
AntiSemite: Well I’m not too concerned….because Jewish people if you look through the history are vindicative and probably evil and very unpleasant. Now that’s not Jewish people who live in Israel because they’re Israeli zealots. Hopefully you’re not, but I tend to think you are, because here you are doing this *pointing out Israel supporters.* You should be ashamed of yourself. Most English people would tell you to fuck off, back to Israel.Videographer: But I’m not from Israel.
AntiSemite: But you’ve relatives there. *inaudible* You should be more English.
Videographer: Inaudible
AntiSemite: I hope I’m a little bit more educated than you are.
*there is some back and forth here, some of which is inaudible – but not the part where he refers to Jews as cannibals*
AntiSemite: It was fun to talk to you but honestly…
Videographer: Alright Merry Christmas, enjoy your Christmas carols.
AntiSemite: Don’t be so silly to say that to me, sir.
Videographer: Why?
AntiSemite: Because we’ve had a blatant argument and I…and you have the philosophy…
Videographer: I can’t wish you a Merry Christmas?
AntiSemite: I wouldn’t accept happy Christmas for you. To everybody in England, if you’re Jewish, please, adhere to the British way of life which is basically Christian, trusting and charitable.

UPDATE: I highly recommend checking out 'Have Yourself a Hamas Little Christmas" penned by Scaramouche and posted on BlazingCatFur.