Monday, 14 December 2009

CHRC Revises Policy on "Political Catholicism"

When I first saw the title and cover page for this report, I thought it was for real. It is a spoof, a pretty good one. The mere fact that so many people have seen the title of the report, "Canadian Human Rights Commission Policy On 'Political Catholicism," and believed it to be true is scary in and of itself. My initial thoughts were not "I am so surprised this cannot be true," but rather "wow they've gone twenty steps too far this time."

And this is the problem with the Canadian Human Rights Commission. It is not known as a protector of human rights. The CHRC, in the minds of many Canadians, is associated with limiting free speech and prosecuting Christians to the extent that this report seems almost entirely believable. And this is why the CHRC needs to go.

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