Saturday, 12 December 2009

Bombardier Robert Kay: A hero, not a fool

The Telegraph:Italic
French officials said that during a routine patrol through the town the day after Liberation Day Bdr Key spotted a group of children who had crowded around a live grenade in a farmer's field.
He rushed over, grabbed the grenade from one, cradled it in his jacket, but as he dashed away from the group it exploded, causing him to die instantly.
During the subsequent military inquiry, his “foolish behaviour” was blamed for his death.
No other troops were present during the accident and it appeared the army failed to properly translate the witness statements from local residents.

Setting the record straight:
Officials in the French town where he was stationed are to honour the soldiers’ bravery on the 65th anniversary of his death in September next year, by naming a road after him on the spot where he died