Monday, 7 December 2009

American Charged in Mumbai Massacre

Over the past several weeks Rusty, at the Jawa Report, has put up several posts about the arrest of an American and Canadian terrorist in the Chicago area. He wrote, repeatedly, about the connections and the very real possibility that David Headley (who changed his name to help facilitate his recon missions prior to the Mumbai attacks) played an active role in the Mumbai attacks. However it seemed very few "big" sites wanted to pick up this story. SMW did - and also tried to generate more interest in this story (like the Little Engine that could).

Today: It is official. David Headley has been CHARGED for his involvement in the Mumbai attacks. Rusty has the details which confirm what he has been saying all along.

This is not 'feel good' news, and acknowledging it means having to look at some sad realities on American and Canadian soil - but burying your head in the sand will not stop the wheels of jihad from turning. In your backyard.