Friday, 13 November 2009

Windsor Police Chief Bows to Islam

Dear Windsor Police Chief,

Please grow a pair.

For once I agree with the union:
"In my belief, this isn't a cultural issue," said Const. Ed Parent, president of the Windsor Police Association. "These officers had a warrant to arrest someone. They went in, and they arrested this person."

SMW was in Windsor (Ontario) a few weeks ago when this whole debacle was going down; there are definitely parts of it that look a little more like Windsoristan than Windsor. I have some relatives that still live there who were told by local KFC employees that they had to stop serving their special ribs because too many of the Muslim university students complained that KFC was serving pork products. Anyway I digress.....

Check this out - H/T to Blazing Cat Fur:
Windsor Police Apologize for doing their job which, apparently, offends Muslims