Sunday, 29 November 2009

Guess who's coming to dinner.....

Just in case you have been drowning in turkey, stuffing and apple cider all weekend, or have been busy trying to figure out exactly what happened to Tiger Woods, and as a result have missed this story...

Gateway Pundit reports on the White House crashers' ties to radical Rashid Khalidi and his role at American Task Force on Palestine (which, you can probably guess, is not Israel, Jew or American friendly).

Debbie Schlussel has a very interesting report on how the NY Times changed its own reporting of the story, after their original reports clearly showed Salahi's ties to "Pro Palestinian Terror Group." Check it out.

Excerpt from Debbie Schlussel:
And it looks like the NYTimes gives good lessons in whitewashing to the ATFP, which also scrubbed all references to Salahi from its site. We wouldn’t want any Americans thinking that Palestinians who support terrorism against innocent people would actually crash a White House party, now would we? Sad that I have to reference the far-left, but only Talking Points Memo bothered to capture the scrubbed ATFP page, below. Too bad they didn’t do a screen save of the New York Times article, too. There’s a whole lotta Formula 409 and Comet being put to use over this strange and calculating couple.

This story is just beyond strange. It is deeply disturbing that anyone, anyone, could get into the White House and stand next to the President and other dignitaries. Yes, Obama has many radical connections and friends, but these two supposedly are not part of that group: they were not invited. The Secret Service is insisting these people went through metal detectors, but so what? What was stopping them from stuffing a knife or sharp object into their breastpocket once inside and using it to harm officials, or worst case scenario, the President? What about chemical weapons? What if nothing at all happened and someone was just using this as a recon trip for a future attack?

A very bad day for the Secret Service.