Friday, 27 November 2009

The glories of universal health care: Another reason why I will not use the NHS

The Telegraph:
As long ago as 2001, conditions at Basildon were described as “Third World” by the Royal College of Nursing because of a shortage of beds. Then, in 2004, Basildon and Thurrock University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust was fined for failing to control the risk of legionnaire’s disease after a patient contracted the illness — weeks later tests showed the legionella bacteria were still present.
Last year, more than 200 new mothers were offered HIV tests after the Trust discovered that a member of staff who had delivered their babies was HIV positive, and in April this year a three-year-old girl died in the paediatric ward after intravenous drip bags were found to have been sabotaged. In 2007, the Trust admitted being at fault in the case of a child who was left disabled after she was starved of oxygen when she was born at Basildon Hospital in 2001.

The Trust was not effectively decontaminating reusable equipment and A&E was not clean — 11 out of 12 trolley mattresses checked were stained and two had a foul odour. Half of the curtains that separated cubicles were soiled, some with blood.
There were few nurses with paediatric training, and no consultant with a paediatric interest.
Overall, nurses were not always conducting a full set of patient checks, which could result in failure to recognise a patient was deteriorating.
Complaints about nursing care included failure to monitor, feed and give drugs correctly, and twice as many patients suffered bed sores than the national average.

Use the NHS at your own risk.