Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Channel 4 (no, not the one from Detroit) and the Big bad Joooooos

Channel 4 has been airing an alleged documentary about the "Israel Lobby" in the UK. Conspiracy theories abound. I have to confess I do not watch tv (seriously, we do not have tv channels in my house) so I have not seen the program. However, I have read a great deal of the online comments made about "Dispatches" and I find them full of typical anti-Semitic ignorance.

Jonathan Hoffman and Chas Newkey-Burden have written extensively on Dispatches, their pieces are worth checking out.

Newky-Burden writes:
Because where is this all-powerful Israeli lobby? Why did it not manage to convince the UK to veto the Goldstone report at the UN? How did it fail to stop the UK from starting an arms embargo on Israel? How did it allow our Foreign Minister to attack Operation Cast Lead as ‘disproportionate’, or the UK to finance the Breaking The Silence organisation? As for media activism, if the Israeli lobby had the power it is ascribed, it would have stopped the widespread and routine distortions years ago. Oborne couldn’t find an all-powerful lobby, so he tried to create a false impression of one. It’s the same make-believe world [John] Snow inhabits with his “pretty pathetic” Hamas rockets.

It is not surprising that the CST is concerned about some of the comments spurred by Dispatches:

“It won’t change anything. Most of the British public are too stupid to realise how important this programme is. We are being attacked from within by fifth columns in our parliament for this murderous regime. Time to put a stop to the influence they have over our lives and the lives of our troops they send to fight for their ideals in the Middle East once and for all.”NO BLINKERS ON on 15 November 2009 at 07:30

“It is disgraceful that C4 is intending to expose the pro-Israel lobby. Surely it is a signatory to the "National Press & TV Zionist Agreement", which stipulates in paragraph one: "Thou shalt not print nor broadcast any reference to the undemocratic control by the agents of Israel over the House of Commons &/or the House of Lords."TIMOTHY WILLIAMS on 14 November 2009 at 17:50

"The powerful impact of the Zionist Lobby on British politics is more damaging to our country than that of the ghastly BNP."VERONICA PLANTON on 07 November 2009 at 23:18
[SMW: Google Veronica Planton and you will find her signature on numerous anti-Israel petitions. Shocker.]

You can read further quotes on The JC's website.

Dispatches was made and broadcast by the same channel that had Mahmoud Ahmedinejad deliver last year's 'alternative Christmas message'. And if THAT does not prove to you the true power of the Israel Lobby than you must be blinded by the lies the super sekrit Zionist groups are spreading.

Turn off Channel 4.