Thursday, 12 November 2009

Anwar al-Awlaki's ties in Britain

There are many. The Times outlines some of al-Awlaki's supporters in the UK, then seems incredibly eager to point out that these 'supporters' have "denounced" Awlaki:

Despite his extremist reputation, the cleric had attracted support from mainstream British Muslim groups. Azad Ali, president of the Civil Service Islamic Society, wrote last November that Mr al-Awlaki was “one of my favourite speakers and scholars”.
Mr Ali, whose society’s patron is Sir Gus O’Donnell, the Cabinet Secretary, distanced himself from the cleric’s views last night. He said: “I reject them and disassociate myself from them completely.”

SMW: How convenient. *See below for more about this*
The cleric was also praised in 2006 by Osama Saeed, an SNP parliamentary candidate, who said “he preached nothing but peace”. Mr Saeed said last night he felt “cheated” by Mr al-Awlaki. He added: “I completely disagree with what he has said about Fort Hood.”
But Mr al-Awlaki’s lectures are still circulated widely
. The Times acquired DVDs of his lectures at two Islamic bookshops in East London, while Jimas, a registered charity based in Ipswich, offers downloads of his sermons.
Earlier this year a video lecture by Mr al-Awlaki was delivered at the East London mosque with a poster depicting New York in flames. The cleric was also the lead tutor, again via video, for weekend courses in Islamic thought held in April in London and Birmingham.

Awlaki has significant support in the UK. Terribly convenient that people are suddenly "distancing" themselves from him - yet his radicalism is nothing new. Some say denounce and distance, I say taqiyya.

Harry's Place has done an excellent two part write-up on Awlaki's supporters in Britain - and they specifically look at some of the supporters/denouncers mentioned in The Times. Read it.
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The Jawa Report has written extensively about al-Awlaki - and his ties to Caged Prisoners (also a favourite cause of "noted terror apologist" Yvonne Ridley).
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Awlaki's ties in the UK are deep and wide. Makes you wonder...