Friday, 2 October 2009

Vile: Tate Modern displaying hard core porn

Apparently paying a stranger $20,000.00 to have sex with you, and filming the act, is considered art over at The Tate Modern (I thought paying someone to have sex with you was a crime, but apparently I'm just a prude). Visitors can now roam through the museum and see hard core porn any time they choose. Even more disgusting, the same exhibited originally included a photo of a naked, ten year old Brooke Shields. The photo was taken down after police warned the museum it could be considered child pornography. NO KIDDING. SMW does not really care about pictures of naked people - but she does have a problem with pictures of naked children. What the h*ll is wrong with people???

It's quite revoling to think that tax dollars (or pounds as the case is here) help fund these institutions. The last time I visited the Tate Modern (and it really was/will be the last time I visited it) the "art" included a non-stop streaming video of a man jumping on a pogo stick, and a pile of clothes lumped up in a corner of the room to represent the life of a "working man" (it was strangely to similar to my husband's old bachelor pad). The only thing I have ever found worth seeing there was a special exhibit they did on Frida Kahlo back in 2005.

If you are visiting London, don't waste your time at the Tate Modern (which is just as ugly on the outside as it is inside). Instead, check out the real art at the absolutely fabulous, beautiful, and free National Gallery in Trafalgar Square. You will not regret it.