Friday, 16 October 2009

Tired of seeing the Oxfam ads blaming your carbon footprint for the famine in Africa?

Me too. If only I could take this article and paste it over every one of those ads on the tube. It is my recommended read of the day.

Instead of carping about climate change and more aid, the World Bank, Western governments and all those charities in Africa should learn the lessons from one of this year's economics Nobel laureates. Elinor Ostrom has spent a lifetime analyzing the ways in which humans devise institutions—from formal property rights to informal "rules of the game"—that let them solve their own problems. -Julian Morris, Wall Street Journal

Giving money to charity might make one feel warm and fuzzy, but history has shown that the presence of many aid groups in Africa has not helped solve its numerous social, economic and humanitarian problems. In fact in many cases foreign aid has hindered improvement. Donate with caution.