Saturday, 24 October 2009

Stop the War London: Part Two

Tell me again that the world loves America because of Obama. A friend of mine was in a job interview this week and the interviewer actually asked him how he would "overcome" being American while working in sales, having to sell to a public (here in the UK) that was rabidly anti-American.

It's unfortunate for the many people with legitimate asylum claims that idiots like this are out with Stop the War wanting to welcome in every "refugee" under the sun.

This is what SMW likes to call the holy trinity of agendas.

Nothing says family fun like taking your wee ones out to a rally with Communists and Anarchists. But this is still a step up from some of the stuff I have seen at previous events.

The above is a flashback to what some of the kids were doing at a Stop the War protest during Operation Cast Lead.

Lewisham Stop the War. This is a group who in the past has held events with Moazzam Begg, Caged Prisoners and Yvonne Ridley. You can google their website and check it out for yourself.

Anarchists. The best and brightest.

Not really sure what message the flag of Pakistan is supposed to be sending. Stop the drone attacks? We heart the Taleban? Are they wanting to join Hizb-ut Tahrir's campaign to save Pakistan from America? Your guess.

It wouldn't be a STW rally without a little rally around the Palestinian flag. Love the Green Party's Welfare Not Warfare signs. I think it is a pretty concise display of the party agenda.

There seemed to be a few people there from the British Muslim Initiative, but not many. Take a close look at all the signs in this pic.

Bleeding hearts for Ahmedinejad. Makes sense, Respect is George Galloway's party.

Signs galore. Recycling a few from last year.

Communists, Anarchists, Greenies, Anti-Nato, Anti-War....

Not sure if these people got their wires crossed, or if they think the H1N1 vaccine is actually some super sekrit dosage of Imperialism being injected into unwilling participants everywhere.

Overall today was very calm. The usual literature and people were out but I did not see any scuffles with the police. In fact, I would like to say that police presence was down down down compared other protests I have covered (perhaps due to the absence of a certain demographic). However, pointing that out would probably make me racist so...
There were chants of "Gordon Brown terrorist" and "what do we want? Socialism? When do we want it? NOW."
Just because nobody was throwing missiles at police, trying to rip off their riot helmets or hitting them with bricks does not mean we should ignore these events or the agenda of people at them.

Do not underestimate the lengths people will go to in pursuit of their agenda.