Saturday, 24 October 2009

Stop the War London: Part 1

Today was Stop the War's massive UK rally, held in London. The rally began around noon in Hyde Park and then the crowd marched to Trafalgar Square. SMW did not get to hear any of the speeches this year (hey, I do have a life and this is not my job). Several newspapers are estimating the crowd at 10,000+, but I definitely think this is a generous estimates. There were definitely a few thousand - but even 7,000 would seem like a generous estimate based on the crowds I saw.

One thing obviously absent from today's crowd was a strong Muslim presence. Another thing missing was the usual hate-filled chanting. There were chants and the usual drather but when Israel is not busy defending herself it seems the Islamist-Leftist alliance dithers and the crazies would rather stay home. (Oh yeah - that was the other thing missing - a big crowd - after some of last year's events this seemed quite small). Today's crowd (which was majority white - I'm sure pointing that out somehow makes me racist - or does it make the crowd racist...?) was a clear illustration of how the a crowd of a certain religious persuasion will align itself with the Left when it suits their purpose (ie. when they need to demonize Jews and Israel), and will leave them cold otherwise.

SMW will be putting the pictures from today up in several parts. So get your popcorn and enjoy...

Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. Socialist rags and Free Palestine. Has anyone told this guy the "siege" is over?? Booths set up in Trafalgar Square.

Apparently I missed the Fall Trend Report.

The Socialist Worker, spreading Communism to the masses. For my North American readers - there is a postal strike here at the moment, hence the Victory to the Postal Workers sign.

The march towards Trafalgar Square. Lance Corporal Joe Glenton (who does not deserve that title and is a coward) kicked off the events with a speech saying he had no choice but to desert and refuse to return to Afghanistan. He is facing a court martial and rightfully so.


Red Alert.

Communist Party Stop The War Solidarity with Palestine.

Marxist-Leninist Communisty Party. Right, because those guys never killed anyone.

No more Imperialist wars. *sigh*

Onward Leftist Soldiers.


Teachers Union. Yet another reason why no child of mine will attend a public school in the UK. Do you know who is teaching your kids?

Um yeah, and if that doesn't work maybe we can all stand in a circle and try the CareBear Stare.