Thursday, 15 October 2009

Stop treating conservatives with contempt

OK, that will never happen but it's fun to dream. Back to my message #2 from yesterday's post...

It is sometimes disheartening to hear the way people talk about conservatives (and I mean people who hold traditional, conservative or libertarian values - I am not talking about any particular party or political group). This week I have just about heard enough! The ignorance of those who cut-down conservatives/libertarians is truly shocking.

The other day in a discussion about European farmers, an American actually said to me: "Yes but European farmers are actually quite cool, they are nothing like the farmers in the States." SMW was so taken back by this comment she did not know what to say. But now I feel like going back to this person and telling them that my husband is the first person in his family, in five generations, to not work on the family farm. That my father is the first generation of his family to not work on his family farm. That my uncles are farmers. That my friends are farmers, and that without these hard working men and women we would not have food to eat.
Needless to say I am still a bit annoyed about this, which brings me back to message #2. I am who I am, I do not care if you agree with me - but stop looking down your nose at me.

SquareMileWife will make no apologies for....
-loving America (and Canada too)
-supporting our troops
-working against a culture of entitlement and the welfare state
-listening to country music (amongst other things)
-owning a gun (well I don't own one here in the UK because I can't.....but I used to go shooting with my dad)
-not eating organic food (exclusively)
-driving a pick-up (again, not in the UK)
-owning a CB Radio
-thinking that George W. Bush is not the worst thing that has ever happened to America (even though he did many things I disagree with, especially the bailouts)
-believing that owning a home and having a university education is a privilege not an inalienable right
-believing that having a university education does not necessarily mean you are 'educated'
-eating beef jerky (just had to throw that one in)
-going to church

If you are reading this and snickering at me, you may be shocked to know that I also:
-have visited over a dozen countries
-have two degrees (one honors, one professional)
-paid my own university tuition (with cash, that I earned)
-speak more than one language
-did a great deal of my senior research on Black, Post-Colonial Women's Literature

I will not be put in a box.
Stop treating me with contempt.