Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Operation Can You Hear Us Now

Well, this event has definitely grabbed my attention. SMW is very interested in seeing how things pan out. I do not think the majority of people at these protests/rallies/whatever you want to call them will be there to whine about the coverage the 9/12 events received - people are just fighting mad about the media these days (and with good reason!). If SMW was able to attend one of these rallies she would have three messages:

1. Tell. The. Truth. (You know, use verifiable FACTS and stuff).
2. Stop treating conservatives with contempt.

The media lives in BubbleLand and believes its own hype. If a great deal of the media seems out of touch - it is because they ARE. When you have journalists for "top rated" papers running their own private blogs about the awesomeness of Barack Obama (or ANY President or person in public office) one can hardly expect reasonable news coverage.

Pundits can talk until they are blue in the face about their opinions - regardless of their views - but when I am not reading the Op-Eds it would be nice to see a little less opinion and a few more facts.

(More on Message #2 later).